Dinner was, if I do

Dinner was, if I do say so myself, a rousing success. Mark Bittman’s cauliflower/eggplant/potato curry, my bourbon-and-peppercorn grilled salmon, “Tyla’s” apple/pear/walnut salad and some fresh fruit to round it all out. And, of course, some lovely company, in the form of Mehmet and Ken and Joan. If only we had some house-elves to clean up the kitchen for us, it would have been a perfect night.

Mehmet has gone off this morning to do something athletic, while Tyla and I will consume, consume, consume.

We didn’t get the XBox. All those surprised, please raise your hand and pay closer attention. Ah well, maybe next time.

I did play a little bit today with XML-RPC and the Blogger API, in hope that I could use mozblog without losing the geeky, obsessive control over my diary that I currently enjoy. Didn’t make huge progress, but learned lots.

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