If we’re going to get

If we’re going to get tropical storm rains to drench us and our belongings, I think it would only be fair for us to grow a tropical beach somewhere on the waterfront. Really, is that so unreasonable?

More can’t-happen chasing today, still uncaught. Andreas tells me that there’s a busy-wait in the recovery code, so I’ll try and track that down today as well.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Tyla has been dutifully searching for a good deal on our new television. As I type this, she’s using her feminine wiles to talk the Future Shop guy down a few hundred dollars. I just know it. (I have very good Tyla-feminine-wiles detectors.)

Yay! I finally found the rest of the leaked Red Hat 8 ISOs, and got them burned. I won’t have time to finish the install on my laptop, though, because it’ll take ages for my silly slow laptop drive to be checked for bad blocks. Ah well.

Time to leave and go buy some groceries for dinner. What a non-productive day. I hope phil doesn’t read this entry.

Urgh: forgot to publish this before actually leaving for grocery shopping.

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