The season premiere of Buffy

The season premiere of Buffy was good too, though our little backup TV doesn’t really do it any favours. I need to get on the “buy a new TV” thing at once.

Got more of the lock-revocation stuff working today, and cleaned up some old bugs that had been bothering me for a while. That was nice, and soon I hope to hear back from HP about their test plan, so that I can make sure they’re testing the right stuff. Or that I’m writing the right stuff, I guess.

We might be the only people in the theatre, but I bet I can get Mark and Aven to accompany me to Mel Gibson’s latest project.

I had a fantastically difficult time getting out of bed this morning, and it wasn’t the first time this week. I hope this passes soon, because it’s getting really old. I’m supposed to go watch the premiere of The West Wing at Alasdair’s tonight, but I’m not sure I feel up to it anymore. Maybe I’ll just tape it instead. Or get phik to digitize it for me, so that I can watch it over lunch tomorrow.

<phik> uhhhhhhhhhh-huh

He’s no fun. At least Ken loves me.

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