Maybe it’s just because I

Maybe it’s just because I watched it after returning from the cinematic abortion that is Ballistic, but the first episode of CSI: Miami was pretty darned good. I’m looking forward to seeing more, and it appears that the CSI folk have done a much, much better job than whoever it was that decided to make all the lame Law & Order spinoffs.

Tyla and I went to get our health cards today, which went pretty well. I had to explain to the woman at the counter that, in spite of my frequent jokes to the contrary, Quebec is a part of Canada, so, no, we didn’t have a “break in health coverage”, and, no, we didn’t risk our Ontario coverage if we were out of the province for more than 30 days total in the next 5 months. (Which I will almost certainly be.) Apparently, our cards are supposed to arrive by the first of October, which will impress me a fair bit.

How did people write code before Matthew Good made music? Is this why we have automake and other software tragedies?

I got another decent chunk of recovery working today (we cancel any locks that a dead client had, so that other members of the cluster can get on with their getting on), which was a nice bonus on top of not having to participate in the twice-weekly conference calls any more. Certainly improved my mood.

My headphones started to die today, so I’m borrowing Fixy’s. (I should send him mail and tell him that.) I need to buy some new ones, but maybe I can get Bay Bloor to throw some in along with a TV purchase? Worth considering, at least.

Push-ups are pretty good exercise, and apparently they’re quite good at strengthening a bunch of muscles used in climbing, but there’s basically no way I can add them to my current exercise routine. I just have nothing left in my arms by the time I get done, even after letting them rest during the sit-ups. Maybe I’ll do grip exercises and push-ups on the off nights — those off nights that don’t involve actual climbing, that is. Thursday is currently designated as a climbing night, as is Sunday morning, so that really only leaves Tuesday and Saturday. Still, having more stuff that I can do just as well when I’m travelling would be good, since taking a week off during our Calgary trip made the subsequent few sessions pretty harsh.

Further, Google News is outstanding. Go now, go often.

Now, to head home and watch some Buffy.

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