I’d like to start with

I’d like to start with a special thanks to my mother, whose encouraging words regarding the card puzzle warmed my heart tremendously:

Subject: magic my ass!

Read your latest web entry and tried out the magic trick. You really don’t get it?? You’re kidding, right?

That’s the kind of support only a mother can provide. Anyway, yeah, I didn’t get it right away. It’s not like I spent an hour scratching my head — though I guess it might have turned out that way; sort of glad I didn’t try, now — so you can stop hiding my picture in shame, Mom. Sheesh.

Yesterday’s entry was waylaid by an unexpected 11.5 hour sleep, beginning unexpectedly at 10pm and continuing against expectations until 9:30 this morning. Had it survived, it would have detailed such excitement as:

  • the purchase of some nice climbing shoes, which fit so nicely that it didn’t really matter that they were the only things in my size and would have been acclaimed regardless;
  • the purchase of two books;
  • the non-purchase of a new television, aborted due to uncharacteristically poor service at Bay Bloor Radio (what do you mean, “I can read about it on the Sony web site“?); and
  • an absolutely fantastic meal cooked by Tyla, featuring Cantaloupe-Tomato Gazpacho, Roast Salmon with Spicy Soy Dressing and steamed sugar snap peas.

Today, climbing occurred. We had a very good and thorough introductory lesson at Rock Oasis, and then did some climbs with Madhava afterwards. I did relatively well on the last 5.7, but didn’t make it to the top because I didn’t have enough strength left in my grip or arms for the last move. Time to add some forearm and wrist work into my exercise routine, clearly.

I’m trying pretty hard to avoid doing work this weekend, but I see that I have a voice mail from Peter, so I’m going to cave and call him back. I’m so weak.

(And I’m glad I did call him back, because we hashed out a huge amount of the recovery protocol in a very pleasant way. Duplicate locks due to partition and MDS reboot? No problem. Client reconnection racing with a revocation of locks and filehandles? Pfft. Duplicate client UUIDs in a NAT configuration contending for a connection? I laugh at thee. Now we just have to write the code. The best part is that I get to work with phik very closely next week, as we making lock replay work, and that will be a tremendous amount of fun.)

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