The last few entries sucked,

The last few entries sucked, even ignoring the sub-par orthography, but that’s just truth in advertising: the last few days kinda sucked, too.

Today was a little bit better. I knocked a few things off my TODO list, and combined with last night’s ten hours of sleep, that really improved my mood. Of course, something was wrong with the cluster today (“missing kernel source” gets the stamp, for the people out there still playing MCR-failure bingo), so I blew some time on that. It wouldn’t be a day at work without something along those lines.

I also discovered that the operator at LLNL denies the very existence of the 647 area code, though it’s now 18 months old and counting. I have no explanation.

I haven’t quite figured out how this magic trick works yet, but it amuses me nonetheless. I needed some of that today. (Update: Mark figured it out. But I’m not telling!)

I was thinking of seeing Ballistic today, in spite of the fact that it’s apparently really bad — or perhaps because it’s apparently really bad — but my partner in cinematic slumming is out of town this week. How will I endure?

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