Another day, another six-hour moving

Another day, another six-hour moving extravaganza. And then an unplanned nap. There’s nothing wrong with showing up at the office at 8:30pm, though it’s a little less cool when your boss has taken to asking around on IRC to try and find you. I left voice mail! I swear! (My previous boss — who, I am flattered to discover, actually reads this — is perhaps not surprised by these events.)

I upgraded to Psyche today, and it’s OK so far. The install is very pretty, though some of the post-installation configuration tools are a bit rough. OK, quite a bit rough. And their gnome-terminal build occasionally just goes blank until I resize it. I think I’ll grab the Ximian GNOME 2 snapshots when they start working with 8.0. And man, do I ever miss having MP3 support in xmms. Ah well, that’s the price I pay for wanting pretty fonts everywhere. (Except for in Mozilla, because of a huge, embarrassing mess. Don’t get me started; blizzard will save us soon enough.)

I found my keys, though. And our TV will arrive on Wednesday, which I guess is sort of exciting. I think that’s a bigger deal for Tyla than for me, though I do certainly love shiny new toys with power cables.

I should do a fair bit of work tonight, but I’m afraid that

  1. I’ll be too tired to work out when I get home, and it is a Monday, and;
  2. I’ll totally screw my fragile sleep cycle, making the depressive effects of the onset of fall that much more impressive.

Now, of course, I can’t reach our CVS server. I think it’s time to go home, set up the new printer, and spend some time reading about the synchronization and recovery techniques that Peter and Phil used in InterMezzo. Tomorrow, though, the code had better look out.

And I’m so behind on replying to email. Sigh.

Another morning of climbing, another

Another morning of climbing, another serious reinforcement of my belief that I need to start doing chinups or something. Were I a little bit shorter, I could use the door frames here. Not sure what I’ll do, but I need to do something if I’m going to beat that silly 60-foot 5.6. (Harder, no doubt due to the length of the climb, than the 5.8 I flew up after failing on my 5.6 nemesis. Go with the figuring.)

After climbing and lunching — it’s OK to drink a beer with your first meal of the day, if that meal starts at 1pm and has followed at least 2 hours of athletic activity, by the by — I napped like I was trying to qualify for the Narcolepsy Nationals. Tyla went off to inspect the quality of the offerings at the local futon store, and came back typically well-informed.

When I woke up after my nap-of-over-achievement, Tyla was cleaning the office, and I was reminded that tomorrow morning we’re helping Emily move into her new, temporary digs. And there we find me now, pondering dinner and a bath.

I’m also tempted to play more with XML-RPC tonight, as a nice Sunday-evening hobby-hack, but Tyla’s listening to music, so I can’t reboot the machine right now. Eat a frog, bounce a cheetah.

phik is working, but I refuse to feel guilty. Re-fuse.

Of all the movies in the house, Mehmet wanted to watch our wedding videos (the videos of Tyla’s and my wedding, to clarify). They still make me a bit weepy, but nothing outrageous. I wish I’d only been a bit weepy at the real event, because then I could have actually spoken to our assembled guests, instead of just blubbering like someone had run over my puppy — I mean, it was the happiest day of my frigging life!

In related news, Tyla and I were both a lot slimmer in high school. It is definitely time for some biking or running or home liposuction with box cutters and a dustbuster.

Dinner was, if I do

Dinner was, if I do say so myself, a rousing success. Mark Bittman’s cauliflower/eggplant/potato curry, my bourbon-and-peppercorn grilled salmon, “Tyla’s” apple/pear/walnut salad and some fresh fruit to round it all out. And, of course, some lovely company, in the form of Mehmet and Ken and Joan. If only we had some house-elves to clean up the kitchen for us, it would have been a perfect night.

Mehmet has gone off this morning to do something athletic, while Tyla and I will consume, consume, consume.

We didn’t get the XBox. All those surprised, please raise your hand and pay closer attention. Ah well, maybe next time.

I did play a little bit today with XML-RPC and the Blogger API, in hope that I could use mozblog without losing the geeky, obsessive control over my diary that I currently enjoy. Didn’t make huge progress, but learned lots.

If we’re going to get

If we’re going to get tropical storm rains to drench us and our belongings, I think it would only be fair for us to grow a tropical beach somewhere on the waterfront. Really, is that so unreasonable?

More can’t-happen chasing today, still uncaught. Andreas tells me that there’s a busy-wait in the recovery code, so I’ll try and track that down today as well.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Tyla has been dutifully searching for a good deal on our new television. As I type this, she’s using her feminine wiles to talk the Future Shop guy down a few hundred dollars. I just know it. (I have very good Tyla-feminine-wiles detectors.)

Yay! I finally found the rest of the leaked Red Hat 8 ISOs, and got them burned. I won’t have time to finish the install on my laptop, though, because it’ll take ages for my silly slow laptop drive to be checked for bad blocks. Ah well.

Time to leave and go buy some groceries for dinner. What a non-productive day. I hope phil doesn’t read this entry.

Urgh: forgot to publish this before actually leaving for grocery shopping.

Forty-five minutes. Ken said that

Forty-five minutes. Ken said that lunch would take forty-five minutes. Well, after an hour lunch, we had to go to MEC, where I had to buy a harness and chalk bag. So I lost two hours in the middle of the day. Oh well.

For pretty much the rest of the work day, I chased this bizarre crash that phil was seeing. It’s one of those “can’t happen” things, so I think I’m going to have to reproduce it under the debugger and see what happens. A puzzler, that’s for sure.

More climbing tonight. Man, do I need more grip strength. I think I need to hire some disobedient minion, so I can spend a few hours each day crushing his windpipe. Or maybe I could just get one of those squeezy balls. That’s probably cheaper.

I’m all nicely tired now, so I think I’m going to go to bed. G’night!

The season premiere of Buffy

The season premiere of Buffy was good too, though our little backup TV doesn’t really do it any favours. I need to get on the “buy a new TV” thing at once.

Got more of the lock-revocation stuff working today, and cleaned up some old bugs that had been bothering me for a while. That was nice, and soon I hope to hear back from HP about their test plan, so that I can make sure they’re testing the right stuff. Or that I’m writing the right stuff, I guess.

We might be the only people in the theatre, but I bet I can get Mark and Aven to accompany me to Mel Gibson’s latest project.

I had a fantastically difficult time getting out of bed this morning, and it wasn’t the first time this week. I hope this passes soon, because it’s getting really old. I’m supposed to go watch the premiere of The West Wing at Alasdair’s tonight, but I’m not sure I feel up to it anymore. Maybe I’ll just tape it instead. Or get phik to digitize it for me, so that I can watch it over lunch tomorrow.

<phik> uhhhhhhhhhh-huh

He’s no fun. At least Ken loves me.

Maybe it’s just because I

Maybe it’s just because I watched it after returning from the cinematic abortion that is Ballistic, but the first episode of CSI: Miami was pretty darned good. I’m looking forward to seeing more, and it appears that the CSI folk have done a much, much better job than whoever it was that decided to make all the lame Law & Order spinoffs.

Tyla and I went to get our health cards today, which went pretty well. I had to explain to the woman at the counter that, in spite of my frequent jokes to the contrary, Quebec is a part of Canada, so, no, we didn’t have a “break in health coverage”, and, no, we didn’t risk our Ontario coverage if we were out of the province for more than 30 days total in the next 5 months. (Which I will almost certainly be.) Apparently, our cards are supposed to arrive by the first of October, which will impress me a fair bit.

How did people write code before Matthew Good made music? Is this why we have automake and other software tragedies?

I got another decent chunk of recovery working today (we cancel any locks that a dead client had, so that other members of the cluster can get on with their getting on), which was a nice bonus on top of not having to participate in the twice-weekly conference calls any more. Certainly improved my mood.

My headphones started to die today, so I’m borrowing Fixy’s. (I should send him mail and tell him that.) I need to buy some new ones, but maybe I can get Bay Bloor to throw some in along with a TV purchase? Worth considering, at least.

Push-ups are pretty good exercise, and apparently they’re quite good at strengthening a bunch of muscles used in climbing, but there’s basically no way I can add them to my current exercise routine. I just have nothing left in my arms by the time I get done, even after letting them rest during the sit-ups. Maybe I’ll do grip exercises and push-ups on the off nights — those off nights that don’t involve actual climbing, that is. Thursday is currently designated as a climbing night, as is Sunday morning, so that really only leaves Tuesday and Saturday. Still, having more stuff that I can do just as well when I’m travelling would be good, since taking a week off during our Calgary trip made the subsequent few sessions pretty harsh.

Further, Google News is outstanding. Go now, go often.

Now, to head home and watch some Buffy.

I know it’s pretty and

I know it’s pretty and all, and it does include things like Thanksgiving, my wife’s birthday, and the Cocktail Party, but I really don’t like fall all that much. And given how I seem to always get a moderate-to-severe case of the blahs at this time of year, I could probably convince someone that fall didn’t like me all that much either. If they weren’t paying very close attention, anyway.

Alasdair and I saw Ballistic (I refuse to compound the misrepresentation found in the fuller, colon-laden title) tonight, and it was, well, tremendously bad. Deliciously bad, perhaps, but it left a somewhat sour aftertaste. Or maybe the metaphor I’m reaching for — stretching, you might say, and I would not raise a cry in protest — involves more mildew. It did give Al and I quite a bit of befuddled and nonplussed dinner conversation afterwards, but other than that, Al is quite correct: the most satisfying thing about the movie was that when it ended, one could go and urinate. Not recommended, unless perhaps you are Chris Blizzard, in which case it will only help improve your opinion of Reindeer Games.

Phil and I are going to work together on recovery, which really means that for the next few days we are going to run a race in parallel lanes, trying to avoid tripping each other. On Friday, we will merge into one lane, discover that one of us is skiing and the other pole-vaulting, and scramble to make sense of what we’ve done. Or, perhaps, it might all work out, but given how much utter shite I wrote and then removed from my editor today, I’m allowed to be a bit code-grumpy. So there.

Tomorrow is the season premiere, so of course Tyla has been brushing up on her lore. A scholarly (?) journal devoted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer was an unexpected find, but I must confess that I, too, am interested to learn more about how “as Spike comes closer and closer to the Scoobies he proves himself an able ironicist“. No, really. (I can feel the power of Alasdair’s eyes rolling as I type this very paragraph.)

I’d like to start with

I’d like to start with a special thanks to my mother, whose encouraging words regarding the card puzzle warmed my heart tremendously:

Subject: magic my ass!

Read your latest web entry and tried out the magic trick. You really don’t get it?? You’re kidding, right?

That’s the kind of support only a mother can provide. Anyway, yeah, I didn’t get it right away. It’s not like I spent an hour scratching my head — though I guess it might have turned out that way; sort of glad I didn’t try, now — so you can stop hiding my picture in shame, Mom. Sheesh.

Yesterday’s entry was waylaid by an unexpected 11.5 hour sleep, beginning unexpectedly at 10pm and continuing against expectations until 9:30 this morning. Had it survived, it would have detailed such excitement as:

  • the purchase of some nice climbing shoes, which fit so nicely that it didn’t really matter that they were the only things in my size and would have been acclaimed regardless;
  • the purchase of two books;
  • the non-purchase of a new television, aborted due to uncharacteristically poor service at Bay Bloor Radio (what do you mean, “I can read about it on the Sony web site“?); and
  • an absolutely fantastic meal cooked by Tyla, featuring Cantaloupe-Tomato Gazpacho, Roast Salmon with Spicy Soy Dressing and steamed sugar snap peas.

Today, climbing occurred. We had a very good and thorough introductory lesson at Rock Oasis, and then did some climbs with Madhava afterwards. I did relatively well on the last 5.7, but didn’t make it to the top because I didn’t have enough strength left in my grip or arms for the last move. Time to add some forearm and wrist work into my exercise routine, clearly.

I’m trying pretty hard to avoid doing work this weekend, but I see that I have a voice mail from Peter, so I’m going to cave and call him back. I’m so weak.

(And I’m glad I did call him back, because we hashed out a huge amount of the recovery protocol in a very pleasant way. Duplicate locks due to partition and MDS reboot? No problem. Client reconnection racing with a revocation of locks and filehandles? Pfft. Duplicate client UUIDs in a NAT configuration contending for a connection? I laugh at thee. Now we just have to write the code. The best part is that I get to work with phik very closely next week, as we making lock replay work, and that will be a tremendous amount of fun.)

The last few entries sucked,

The last few entries sucked, even ignoring the sub-par orthography, but that’s just truth in advertising: the last few days kinda sucked, too.

Today was a little bit better. I knocked a few things off my TODO list, and combined with last night’s ten hours of sleep, that really improved my mood. Of course, something was wrong with the cluster today (“missing kernel source” gets the stamp, for the people out there still playing MCR-failure bingo), so I blew some time on that. It wouldn’t be a day at work without something along those lines.

I also discovered that the operator at LLNL denies the very existence of the 647 area code, though it’s now 18 months old and counting. I have no explanation.

I haven’t quite figured out how this magic trick works yet, but it amuses me nonetheless. I needed some of that today. (Update: Mark figured it out. But I’m not telling!)

I was thinking of seeing Ballistic today, in spite of the fact that it’s apparently really bad — or perhaps because it’s apparently really bad — but my partner in cinematic slumming is out of town this week. How will I endure?

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