I was pretty exhausted by

I was pretty exhausted by 6pm yesterday, so I took my time walking down to the train station to meet Tyla. When I got there, Cinnabon in hand, I discovered that her train was running an hour late. I wasn’t going to last that long just sitting in the train station, so I headed home to nap. Just after I got home, Emily called to say that she was back from Malaysia, and would we like to get dinner? So Emily came over, and then when Tyla arrived we trucked off for some evening sushi, and I went to sleep upon our return. Malaysia sounds like my kind of place: a country fanatically devoted to consumption, comparison and enjoyment of amazing food — and amazingly inexpensive: $0.40 for a glass of fresh-squeezed juice.

This morning, Tyla and I were in no great rush to get up, so we snoozed and lazed around until noon. Tyla had the leftover Cinnabon for breakfast, because she’s fundamentally twelve years old at heart. Then I futzed with the computer a bit, tried to log into Asheron’s Call 2, got a little depressed about work, and dragged Tyla off for a late lunch (perhaps, in fact, an early dinner). On the way back, we stopped at Honest Ed’s, and I picked up some more weights, since I really needed more than the pair of ten-pounders I grabbed originally. Bringing that 70 pound box back home was quite the workout, but I was a little disappointed to discover that the package didn’t contain the barbell bar, while the exercise booklet — written in the 1950s, unless I miss my guess — was totally barbell-focused. Ah well. I’ll find some training guide that isn’t totally terrifying and go from there.

We’re now waiting for Miriam and Mark Kotlarewsky to show up, for evening fun and frolic. Whee!

Today began uncharacteristically early, as

Today began uncharacteristically early, as Madhava and Alasdair and I were to start helping Christina and Hilary load Christina’s belongings into a van at 6:00 this morning. I think I hefted my first box at around 6:20, and I was the first one there, but we still managed to get everything in by shortly before 8:00. Almost everything, I suppose: Christina still has a trunkload of stuff for her father to shuttle around, but I think we did a fine job fitting that much stuff in one passenger van. I didn’t think we were going to make it, myself.

After a very light breakfast at Harbord Bakery, during which we did not purchase any of the yummy-looking hallah, Madhava and I headed to the office. He tidied up his trip photos and then loaded them onto bitchcake, while I continued to be frustrated by an inability to beat sense into the connection-sharing and management code. Andrei joined us for lunch, only a few hours late, and after we returned from nummy Salad Thai food I had a bit of a breakthrough. Two hours of chasing lustre_peers and lustre_handles and uuid_ts through the internals of our request processing, I had recovery calling the right callbacks with the client and server on the same system. Now I can get on to doing Wednesday’s work.

I need to go home and take a nap, perhaps tidy a little more as well, so that I can be very careful about the rest of the work that I am feeling hopelessly behind on. Or maybe I’ll just have a nice dinner with my lovely wife and play Scrabble on the porch, instead. We’ll see.

I wish I had a joke about ice.

How tired am I this

How tired am I this week? So tired that I didn’t catch the “hole”-for-”whole” typo below until Jacob pointed it out today. I so lose.

I lost most of today to a design flaw in our connection-reuse code. Truly mysterious behaviour, until Andreas and I talked our way through it. At that point, it was simply truly irritating. Tomorrow will be better.

To console myself, I went on a trek through downtown searching for copies of the latest Computer Games Magazine, so that I could try out the AC2 beta. No dice: they appear to not have reached Toronto yet, though I hear there are some to be had in Fredericton, of all places.

But then Vlad found copies of the issue in question in his part of California, so he grabbed some for Deb and me. I think I’m going to go home and play it now. WE LOVE YOU, VLAD!

Only meaningful accomplishment of today:

recovd.c:recovd_handle_event,l. 137 384): starting recovery for rd a0a4e64c (conn a0a4e58c)

Waterson and Brendan and I are trying to get a little book club going for studying Brands’ private-PKI stuff. I used to understand it a little, back when I worked with Stefan, but that brain-portion has long since been reused for storage of kernel coding nuances and Quake3 maneuvers.

All in favour of starting

All in favour of starting this week right the hell over, raise your hand. Monday was a headache-induced wash. Tuesday morning was lost to conference calls, but the afternoon was going OK until Andreas found an oops in my code and I subsequently unearthed a hole pile of semi-scary behaviour lurking just below the surface. Today, I failed to get a message from my Dad cancelling our lunch appointment, and I spent an hour or so waiting for him in the Teranet lobby before we found someone who could inform me that he was out of the office all day. When I got back to my office, I had missed the Swiss Chalet order, but the place was still full of yummy chicken smell. Argh. I’m glad I’m not sick of Subway yet.

Also, the house is a mess, and Tyla’s due back in a few days.

And I’m not making very good progress on the new recovery stuff, because every time I make a change to something I uncover a pile of other problems lurking underneath. Soon, I pray, my renovations will be complete and I’ll be able to actually make some forward, rather than lateral, progress. I’m supposed to be passing some acceptance tests by the end of this week — acceptance tests which I also have to write — but it’s not feeling likely right now.

I’m going out to dinner with Aven and Mark tonight, for Aven’s birthday, and then we’re supposed to meet up with a bunch of people for drinks. After that, I think I’m going to go home, work out a little bit, shower, and come back into work for an all-nighter. If I don’t have some good progress by Thursday around lunch time, I think I’m going to cry.

(Christina’s going-away get-together was lots of fun, even though she tried to be very silly and pay for drinks and food. That Christina, so silly. I’m glad I didn’t follow her back to Aven-and-Mark’s for “martini shots” — no, I don’t know either — because I’d be even more behind now, and feeling even more guilty about it.)

I just bought some headphones, so that I can block out more ambient noise at the office. I hope they arrive soon, or I’ll have to kill someone. Probably Dwayne.

I need a device that

I need a device that I can wear on my shoulder. Not just any device, though: this device will have certain Babel Fish-like qualities, which will greatly improve the quality of my life. It will translate thoughts like “I just have to adapt this existing (totally client-specific, moderately rusty, non-reentrant) code to work for the server recovery case” into thoughts such as “I should probably schedule more than a day for this work”.

If there are compelling design reasons, I could be convinced to look at ear- or forehead-mounted devices of similar functionality, though shoulder-compatible units will receive preferential treatment in the selection process.

I heard today that we might have a cluster to test on tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. Soon, though. Maybe. If we’re lucky. Phil has our tests running pleasantly on a 20-node setup, so we really, really (not kidding this time) need access to a bigger group of machines if we’re to keep up our breakneck pace.

While I was out grabbing food last night, I bought some dumbbells, and my arms and chest are a touch sore today. It’s a good sore, really, but that goodness doesn’t make my mouse use any more pleasant. I’m sure it’ll pass. Zach and Alice are apparently having good fun with a Total Gym 1500; if I can keep anything resembling an exercise regimen going for a month or so, I might talk Tyla into letting me splurge on that.

I managed to get in and out of Kinko’s today for $1.09 and about 10 minutes, which feels like a decent achievement. I also managed to address Tyla’s job application delivered, which is excellent, because she’d have flayed me if I’d forgotten and missed the deadline.

My Mom called, asking about sushi restaurants in Kingston, and I drew nothing but blanks. She’s going to try a place called “Sapporo”, which I never made it to when we were living there.

Tonight is Christina‘s little going-away thingy, so I’ll get to trot off and drink a bit with them in a little while. In the meantime, Andreas is hitting a crash that seems to be very much related to the big patch I landed yesterday, so I need to spend some time in gdb. Nat gave me jwz’s gdb hacks, so that experience should be marginally less painful.

I hope it’s not my

I hope it’s not my new glasses, because they’re a lot more comfortable and nice-looking than my last ones, but something something has given me an industrial-grade headache. I left my new book at the office, so I don’t even have anything to sit in the bath with right now. Pity me.

I think I’m going to buy a printer, and it looks like the LaserJet 1220 is going to win. It appears to have good support under Linux, and it’s not outrageously expensive for a laser printer. If I pick it up tomorrow, I could print Tyla’s resumé and cover letter instead of giving Kinko’s more money. Something to think about while I wallow in the blahs today.

I did manage to check in my huge patch today, so I can now get started on some of our recovery-based deliverables and earn my keep. I doubt I’ll get a lot done today, but maybe I’ll feel better in the evening.

Weddings at the Museum of

Weddings at the Museum of Civilization are apparently quite a good idea. Other than blabbering “lovely” a few dozen times, I’m not sure I can meaningfully elaborate, but Mike and Kristen are happily married, huzzah!

We had a nice vegetarian breakfast before setting out for Toronto, and it’s a good thing we did. Without that nutritional fortification, our side trip to the Napanee Dairy Queen would have been fatal. “Chocolate Extreme” appears to be some sort of code for “bring your own insulin”.

Once we got back to town, Alasdair and Madhava came over to watch Sexy Beast, which was decent. I’ll need to think about it some more, but it didn’t strike me as all that great. We snuck the DVD back minutes before the 10pm deadline, and I picked up High Fidelity and eXistenZ before we popped over to Insomnia for a late dinner. Tyla’s away all week in New York helping George move, so I want to make sure that I have some sort of non-feline domestic commitments to avoid staying at work the whole time.

It’s late, and I have to get to the tree before my scheming coworkers generate more conflicts. Peter has been quiet in the tree lately, and while I’m sure that much of it has been due to his excellent security infrastructure documentation work, I still fear that he has a complete rearchitecture of something waiting to beat me like a bag of hammers.

Today was quite the exciting

Today was quite the exciting day at work. I got rocking on the reorganization of our connection and export handling, and while I was hacking my brains out, machines were breaking left, right, and up the middle over on the development cluster. (We were trying to get a new kernel with some key networking fixes deployed so we could test and stuff.)

<behlendo> is there kernel trouble?
<phil> there will be in a minute

After a while, I’d accumulated enough changes in my local tree that every notification of a co-worker’s change caused paroxysms of terror — no matter how minor that change might be. I was certain that Andreas or someone was going to check in a wide-ranging cleanup and make me spend a week merging.

19 files changed, 237 insertions(+), 406 deletions(-)

Of course, I then hit a bit of a wall with the locking stuff, and by the time phil and I had sorted that out, I had found a nice recursive dependency in what I was doing. Lovely. I took a break to do a quick interview for a friend’s new “technology” column on CBC Radio, and then came back to ponder for a bit. I think I have a solution, and I’ll be able to check in on Sunday after we get back from another trip to Ottawa. Eric, on the other hand, was kicking all manner of ass today.

<eeb> 240064 pages (79758/s, 311.56Mb/s)

(He really means megabytes, not megabits.)

I was going to take my laptop to Ottawa this weekend, but I think I need a break. It’s been a long, brain-busting day, and I’m in need of a rest. I was too burned out to even play Quake this evening.

Got up around 5:30 this

Got up around 5:30 this morning, and did a bit of reading for work before I fixed up the WarCry stalker to remove duplicate post entries and load in some data from an archive of ancient board posts. I’m not sure how interested I am in Shadowbane as a game anymore, but helping out the WarCry folks is always fun.

Peter and I wrestled with some major reorganization of the client, connection and recovery structures, in further preparation for the glorious day when a server will look down upon a slow or otherwise uncooperative client and say, in a deep and authoritative voice, “you lose”. I was a little confused for a while, but then Peter gave me some clues. Or, if not clues proper, things that I can assemble into clues, or perhaps barter for clues on the grey market.

I played some Quake with the crew here today, and while I had a good first round against the bots, I think Fixy was pretty disappointed with my performance as his Rocket Arena teammate. He might be looking for a replacement now.

I hunger, but I really want to get more of this structure reorganization done before I lose the precious, precious state that’s tenuously attached to my brain. And yet, hunger is making it hard to concentrate. I cannot, under any circumstances, win.

And I need to watch Sexy Beast before my seven-day rental runs out. How can I not have made time in the last week? I’m such a moron.

I got a haircut today,

I got a haircut today, and I think it looks pretty darned good. Tyla, of course, will be the real arbiter of that. And speaking of Tyla and looking good, I now have a nice big picture of her on my desk. Much prettier around here already.

Here’s an important productivity tip, from me to you: after you find a bug and fix it, it’s really important to recompile your code before testing the bug again. If you don’t do this, you can be fined as much as two hours of your time for failure to think.


(ldlmlockd.c:waitinglocks_callback,l. 45 0): lock(s) expired! need to start recovery!


Now I get to go to town on actually cancelling locks and closing open files when a client displeases us. After I take a look at another interrupt issue, of course.

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