Back when I was at

Back when I was at Zero-Knowledge, we used to spend a lot of time talking about reputation, and the ability to develop machine-readable credentials on the basis of that reputation. We used to use eBay reputation as an example of such a credential, but what happens when people start to sell reputation outright? Interesting times.

The house is starting to look a little emptier, which is a sign of progress. Hoye has offered to take the Indy off my hands, and while I’ll miss it a fair bit — we had some fun times, that Indy and I — I’ll miss the space more, once we move. I’m sure he’ll give it a good home.

Speaking of moving and good homes, Madhava picked up our keys today. Yay!

I found the bug that was keeping me from mounting Lustre, and of course it was mine. Alas. Fixed now, though, so I can start hacking out my interrupt coping strategy.

0 (@0 osc_request.c:osc_brw_write,l. 661 545): interrupted, orphaning desc a1a36634

0 (@0 osc_request.c:osc_brw_cleanup_orphaned_bulk,l. 408 2): Cleaning up orphaned desc a1a36634

Whee! The read case isn’t quite working yet, but I’m sure I’ll sort that out. For now, progress. (Rough translation: we got interrupted by the user while we were writing to the Lustre storage server, so we let the process return early, and cleaned up the buffers in the background when everything was done. The server never suspected a thing.)

We all know that loose lips sink ships, but did you know that jokes can crash planes? This lady wasn’t joking about hijacking the plane, and even if her question had been completely serious, I don’t understand the “security risk” posed. Make sure you don’t ask any other safety questions, lest you get kicked off your flight. Losers.

(Geoff is also interested in the Indy, it turns out. Maybe we can get them to duel!)

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