Our ambitious plans for Museum

Our ambitious plans for Museum Day weren’t fully realized, but we did go by the cca and meet some of Tyla’s co-workers. They’ve got some pretty neat stuff, but I was kinda tired, and didn’t really appreciate it fully. Also, there is an entire section of the cynicism part of my brain devoted to reading “in reaction to September 11th”, which made it hard to really get into one of the major exhibits.

We did some shopping at Atwater and I made dinner with the spoils. We had a pretty darned good meal of Shrimp, Roman-Style on soba noodles, courtesy of the always-excellent Mark Bittman.

I also managed to play a fair bit of Shadowbane today. The NDA precludes much further comment, but I had a good time.

Today’s light reading was a geeky math book, which made me long for days past, when I had an intuitive sense of the relation between two vectors and their dot product. It’ll all come back, I’m sure. There are even exercises!

Toronto next weekend? Could well be, if I get all my work done like a good little human resource and sort something — anything — out with Sony.

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