Bloody hell. Anatole came through

Bloody hell. Anatole came through Montreal last night, so Tyla and I met up with him and George at a little bar for some drinks and chatter. I kept a very close eye on my cell phone, expecting that, at any moment, my immigration saviour would call. Well, it turns out I didn’t give him my cell number, and I missed his call by about 10 minutes. I LOSE.

Today is meetings and meetings and then travel to Toronto for a weekend of visiting and Plan B Househunting. I have now given Mr. Grasmick my cell number, to avoid a repeat of last night’s silliness.

On the surface, Double Fine‘s recruiting process looks a lot more entertaining than Sony’s, but I haven’t seen them strut their immigration stuff yet.

I’m taking my laptop to Toronto, so I might update from there. We’ll see if I can be bothered to get the modem stuff working on this silly beast.

(The first of today’s meetings went quite well, and I managed to get train tickets and lunch afterwards. Even the rain wasn’t too bad. I’m on a conference call for the second meeting right now, and I am reminded again of how much I hate being the guy on the speakerphone. Hate. Seethe.)

Joe Grasmick called! O frabjous day! I sent all the details to Mario, and now we’ll see what Sony thinks of financing my entry. Whee!

Again, from the slavering jaws of defeat. Or, at least, the trembling jaws of decision. Got a call from Mario as we were pulling into Toronto, saying that Sony would likely be willing to pony up for the immigration lawyer. He’ll know for sure Monday. I can’t wait.

After we got checked in at the hotel, we wandered over to Emily’s and Christina’s, and from there to College St. Dinner at Utopia, and then we zipped over to Tortilla Flats to meet up with Alasdair and, in fact, Christina. Getting to bed afterwards involved two separate attempts to get settled, with a (false) fire alarm in between.

I had slept a fair bit on the train, so I got to read a fair bit of “The Golden Compass” before drifting off. Pretty darned good so far.

Tyla bought me some underwear

Tyla bought me some underwear yesterday. It’s comfy.

Mario convinced me that all was not yet lost on the Sony front, so I have arranged a consultation with Joseph C. Grasmick, immigration superstar. He’s a little pricy, but now is no time to be skimping on my future ability to enter the United States.

Discussion of a very interesting patent stance on the part of Red Hat led me to a licensing quiz. I got 2 questions wrong, which amazed me somewhat, though in one case I think the wording of the license and the quiz aren’t quite compatible. In the other case, I just had my brain turned off.

Did you know that there is a school of English style which pluralizes “addendum” as “addendums” rather than “addenda”, and similarly for “forum” and whatnot? I did not, until today. This is apparently the “Anglo-Saxon” tradition, in contrast to the “Latinist” tradition. Google isn’t as helpful as I’d have hoped on this matter, so I’m wondering if “data” is singular or plural to these folk. There certainly seems to be evidence that the original Anglo-Saxon/Old English crowd did more interesting things than simply append an s, so further study is clearly required. (It does amuse me greatly, in this context, to discover that the very term Anglo-Saxon is derived from the Latin “Anglo-Saxones“.) Perhaps someone out there with a copy of some appropriate issue of Anglo-Saxon England to hand can help me learn more? I know there are English-language-history buffs who read these scribblings. Speak up!

I don’t want to talk

I don’t want to talk about it.

So far, today has not

So far, today has not been one for the record books. At least, not in a good way.

First, I discover that the “RRSP” account I’ve been contributing to monthly since March of 2000 isn’t an RRSP account at all. So I don’t get the tax deduction. At least, that’s what the guy at CI Funds told me. My 2000 return indicates that I claimed RRSP bits, but that was probably Tyla’s spousal thing. This means that our financial advisor in Toronto has screwed us into a multi-thousand-dollar tax liability. (In addition to the fact that we’re invested in mutual funds that have been steadily declining in value since we started. Yay.)

But then, because that’s not enough for one day, I had to go another round with Sony HR, who appear to have made zero forward progress since we last spoke a few weeks ago. (A conversation that ended, I add with only a touch of bitterness, in a promise to contact me the next day.) I’ve got a new offer letter on the way, which appears to be only mildly flawed. I’m starting to think really hard about Plan B.

Oh well. There’s always next year for the Leafs.

I love American holidays, because

I love American holidays, because I can work largely unmolested, and my mailbox doesn’t bulge like it does on most Mondays. Of course, it meant that I couldn’t explain the concept of the passage of time to Sony’s HR people, but you really can’t win them all.

I had a nice lunch with the Imviva boys as well. They’re up to some really cool stuff, and I think it’s going to be pretty exciting. (I heard all sorts of coolness about the SPEQ investment tax credit thing in Québec. It’s woefully underrepresented on the web, as is the case with an awful lot of Québec goverment stuff, but it basically amounts to a juicy provincial tax credit on top of rrsp eligibility. What amounts to about a $10,000 investment in an eligible Québec company costs something silly like $1800 after all the tax goodness shakes out.)

On the way back from lunch — OK, it was 10 blocks out of the way — I picked up a Star Wars novel. I’ve resisted this for quite some time, but I keep hearing that the books are actually quite enjoyable, so I figured I’d find out. Updates as events warrant.

In Mozilla-land today, I played a little bit with __builtin_expect to try and squeeze a little more performance out of the rotund lizard. I’m still wrestling with my compiler choices and whatnot, but I think there might be a nice cheap win here. More later in the week, I guess.

I also spent a fair amount of time reading E3 reports, and then hooked up with some losers for a little Shadowbane fun later in the evening. A good time was had by all, except perhaps for J, who got just a wee bit dead just a wee bit fast.

Our ambitious plans for Museum

Our ambitious plans for Museum Day weren’t fully realized, but we did go by the cca and meet some of Tyla’s co-workers. They’ve got some pretty neat stuff, but I was kinda tired, and didn’t really appreciate it fully. Also, there is an entire section of the cynicism part of my brain devoted to reading “in reaction to September 11th”, which made it hard to really get into one of the major exhibits.

We did some shopping at Atwater and I made dinner with the spoils. We had a pretty darned good meal of Shrimp, Roman-Style on soba noodles, courtesy of the always-excellent Mark Bittman.

I also managed to play a fair bit of Shadowbane today. The NDA precludes much further comment, but I had a good time.

Today’s light reading was a geeky math book, which made me long for days past, when I had an intuitive sense of the relation between two vectors and their dot product. It’ll all come back, I’m sure. There are even exercises!

Toronto next weekend? Could well be, if I get all my work done like a good little human resource and sort something — anything — out with Sony.

First and most importantly, go

First and most importantly, go Leafs! Cujo will get his $9M next year, I expect.

I almost fixed a bug today, but not quite. Brendan had a better plan, as usual, and all is well.

I was really tired today, and I’m starting to suspect the Hep shots more seriously, since there’s a pattern developing. I hope I’m feeling better tomorrow, because it’s Museum Day, and we have ambitious plans.

Tired now. Sleep.

So, yeah. We released rc3

So, yeah. We released rc3 last night, to great fanfare and only mild bitching. We are dangerously close to a browser.

I got my Hep A shot today, so I was up nice and early and got to wander around downtown and buy geeky books. Chapters and Indigo disavow all in-store knowledge of A New Kind of Science, which Zach rightly says should be filed under “selling like hotcakes down south”. Maybe they were burned by the phantom 1997 version and are waiting to make sure it Really Exists first. I guess I’ll order it from Amazon, or something.

It seems like I maybe I should have got a personality shot instead. I managed to utterly piss off Zach by making a ludicrous analogy about the pricing of banking services and software, and then I ended up fighting with Hixie all day about some silly CSS thing. He’s right, I’m misreading the spec brutally, though I think the spec is itself flawed by not allowing us to use the author’s hint when the server gives us a type we can’t do anything with. I guess I’ll have to mail the W3C or something. The bottom line is that I’m apparently some sort of asshole, the kind of person who molests alligators. Or maybe we just all need to get laid or something.

It’s important to focus on the task at hand, though. And right now, that’s having a beer and playing some video games.

Well, crap. This sort of thing makes me a little less happy about going to work for Sony. But I’m working for AOL now, so I’m already going to hell.

We had a very nice

We had a very nice dinner with Adam and George last night, as it was Adam Day, Observed. Much yum, much wine, much sleepy. I think I would like to die at the hands of a very large foie gras, when my end must come.

Have to finish up my patch for an XSLT enable/disable pref for 1.0.1, and then get to the last item on yesterday’s list. I get to be the bad guy, apparently, just because I volunteered to make a patch. Life is so unfair.

The Canadian dollar is rising like the morning sun, which is heartening — but a little annoying, because I haven’t gotten around to exchanging my last AOL payment into $CDN yet. My own damned fault, clearly.

My lovely sister-in-law Sara (not to be confused with my other lovely sister-in-law, Martha) is on a trip to New Zealand right now, which is apparently as full of beauty and wonder as all my Kiwi friends claim. It is also home to a friend of their family who works at New Line on special effects for the Lord of the Rings movies. Sara got to see some early footage, apparently, of The Two Towers. Elf rope! Ents! The mind reels.

Found my SSN, suckered some poor suckers into being references, and faxed off the form to Sony. Yay!

I feel much better today,

I feel much better today, though I did sleep until noon. I’m wondering if my off-kilter-ness from yesterday might have been a reaction to the Hep B vaccine I got on Monday. I’ll ask the doctor when I go back for round 2 on Friday, I guess.

Seanbaby’s a little more offensive than I would usually want, for something linked from this page, but in light of the “big bad internet-dingo ate my baby” stories that have been setting my teeth on edge for the past little while, I can’t pass up the opportunity to revisit this (relatively tame) article about the Columbine-spawned lawsuits against entertainment companies.

Today will be a productive day, I can feel it in my bones. On the list (watch as I fail!):

  • Buy Adam’s birthday present.
  • Fill out and send in Excel-entangled application form for Sony.
  • Call Peter and grovel for forgiveness.
  • Check in
  • Now that’s just cool.

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