While tweaking my style

While tweaking my style stuff last night, I wrestled with a bug in Mozilla related to position: fixed and link-hover cursors, which might be a variant of 83111. This morning, of course, I can’t reproduce it. Bah. Also, humbug.

Let’s not talk about last night’s game, OK?

I will try to be an un-idiot today and check in the fix for 124335, which I should have done last week some time. Also 128335. I should probably invoice, too.

Taxes. Egad. I don’t have all the forms I need (still nothing from my RRSP people, alarmingly), so I’m going to make a back-of-the-napkin estimate of how many thousands of dollars I’m going to owe CCRA, and send a cheque. I’ll file soon, I hope, but this way I won’t be assessed interest on said many thousands. If I squint right, that almost looks like a small victory.

Update: talked to Den(n)is, my godly accountant, and discovered that I don’t need to file until June 15th, because I’m self-employed. Of course, the interest clock starts ticking on Wednesday morning, so you really have to do most of the work up front. In my case, it actually works out OK, because I know about what the deductions are, I just need to round up the paperwork. So Tyla’s shuffling money around, and tomorrow I get to write some huge cheques. I shoulda moved to Alberta.

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