Cottage cleaning was successful,

Cottage cleaning was successful, and pretty pleasant. We started off on the right foot by gorging ourselves on steak, sweet peas, asparagus, St. André, and cheesecake. After such fortification, we were undaunted by a few loads of laundry, light vacuuming, or even resetting of mouse traps.

I got to finish Hominids and introduce George to Dungeon Siege, so there was some moving forward of culture as well. I’m quite looking forward to smrt, which I now think must include some big-screen DS action, courtesy of the S-Video outputs on my and phil‘s laptops. smrt will of course be boozerific, due in no small part to the cottage salvage. Mmmm.

Hominids micro-review: pretty good, as one of course expects from Sawyer. The “wounded protagonists” angle wasn’t as heavily played as in many of his other books, perhaps in part because there were several “main” characters. I still think that Calculating God is my favourite from him, but we’ll see what he does with the rest of the trilogy. Certainly worth a read.

Later, tor @ nyi, wherein the evil Yanquis will be vanquished by our heroes, sans Sundin though they may be.

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