Today, I begin a

Today, I begin a web log. Thanks to phil for the templates and PHPery. I promise I’ll look less like your diary soon.

Tyla and I cleaned the house today. Up at 0730, house in showable state by 1130, when Jacques brought the first prospective renters by. I wish I’d taken pictures of before, because it was really quite, uh, wrong. It took a lot of gall (enough to be divided into three parts, really) to admit it to Tyla, but I wish we’d done this months ago.

As soon as this hockey game is over, Tyla and George and I are going to pop off to the cottage, for one last visit. And more cleaning, natch. Adam wants to leave the futon there; the rest of us think that asking the owner might be a good plan. Update: MTL 2 BOS 1, though it was really Theodore’s game.

Negotiations with Sony continue (that web site is not entirely un-ass-like; I swear the game is cooler). More information about their compensation plan was enough to have me whittle salary down a little bit. Mario has been an absolute dream to deal with; I wish everyone in this business were as frank and reasonable.

Tyla’s still done with her degree, we think. Her prof told her that he’d marked the last assignment, but didn’t bother to tell her the mark. There is still a mathematical possibility that she didn’t pass her course, it seems, though we tend not to talk about it a lot.

At the cottage, I’m going to work some more on instrumenting the JS engine, to reduce the amount of churn in js_AllocRawStack a bit. Also, I think I’ll play a bit of Dungeon Siege.

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